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More Conversions With Targeted Ads

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads are a powerful tool to get more traffic to your Landing page with a controlled budget. You can use our expertise to get more efficient with your ads, with greater control over the budget, demographic, age, and region.

Choose PPC from different platforms based on where your targeted Audience may be located, and run targeted ads. Google Ads, Twitter, Display Ads, and Facebook have been growing in popularity among businesses as more people join their platforms

Start Spending Less on Your Ads, and Earn More

Woo Media expertise comes along with years of experience running ads for our clients, and in the process we have grown as an agency, learning new tricks to help us serve you better.

Pay Per Click

Increase Your Website Traffic with PPC

Optimized Marketing campaigns for greater reach

Run PPC ads based on your budget and control

With strong landing pages gain more conversions

Place Ads where your Customer are looking for





Digital Marketing

60% of Searches for Products and Services come from a Mobile Device

Your Pay Per Click Ads cannot be simply made for desktop or laptop users. Your key demographic may be using a mobile to look you up, and your ads and content are simply not mobile-friendly. Here is how we can make sure you are covered on all sides of your digital marketing efforts:

Mobile Optimized Marketing Content

From Landing Pages to Digital Marketing content, all of them will be mobile-optimized for better performance and larger reach

Targeted Audience and Demographic control

Digital Marketing that emphasizes on showing your ads to the right audience based on market research and A/B testing to maximize results

Implement Cost-Effective Digital Marketing

Spending more doesn't guarantee results, but running ads through our proven strategies can save you money and get better results

Flexible Marketing Campaigns for all

We can optimize your ads and marketing campaigns based on your budget and marketing goals, so you don't have spend it all at once

Web designer technology, collaboration and customer engagment.
Pay Per Click

Showing your Ads where your Customers Are Looking For

Our Market Research tools and Strategies highlight where your Audience may be, and based on that information, we strategically run ads that work for your budget

Facebook Ads services

Websites should be focused on conversion, and a lot of the time your home page should be a landing page as you want to drive conversions

Google Ad Services

eCommerce is a different space itself, which follows similar principles, but needs more support and SEO features for better results

Instagram Ad Services

You want your website to be up and running all the time, and with increased security risks, other measures are required

Do you Think SEO is Dead? We Say otherwise

Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to Boost Organic Growth and cut down on your marketing budget in, the long term. We have seen our clients get up to $2,000 worth of clicks a month, which they would have to pay in ads otherwise. For more information on how you can achieve similar results contact us today!

Our Process

Steps We Take to Deliver our Clients the RIght Pay Per Click Strategy

We are a result-oriented digital marketing agency that truly understands your business and delivers digital marketing services that work on increasing your revenue

Business Market Research

Our market research process includes a thorough understanding of your business and all the competitors in the market. We gather data on the audience, your competitors, and other parties that are involved in it. With this data we analyse and discover opportunities to grow, and find areas of improvement

Competitive Strategy

Each platform requires its own unique strategy. Our team of experts use our business understanding to develop those unique strategies for each platform. We identify all the parameters for a stronger campaign, like identifying the type of posts, and the ideal time to post, and set a social media scheduler.

Creative Content and Management

Once we have agreed upon the content strategy, our creative team gets the go-ahead on creating the content for the campaigns. Based on continuous Social Media analysis on each platform, we schedule posts based on the most optimal timing. We also manage all the comments and queries that come through

Update and Optimize

Social Media platforms are constantly modifying their algorithm with new users arriving every day. That is why we monitor the performance of the content that we publish and analyse the results and make changes for future posts With complete transparency, we regularly report performance data of your campaign.


Featured Work

We've helped businesses like yours grow using digital marketing. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let the numbers do the talking.

Jammu Flavors

restaurant opening campaign - 1200% roi

We have worked with restaurants that required different needs for different cases. Jammu Flavors was opening a new restaurant as extension to their existing restaurant. Like every new restaurant, they struggled with no branding, social, digital or any other kind of awareness in the market. 

With compelling posts, motion graphic videos, and with careful and concentrated digital marketing campaign, we have generated an ROI of 1200% for Jammu Flavors with our campaign. 

We followed that with beautiful landing pages, and consistent posting to keep the overall interest up for customers with brought back a lot of the same customers. Our targeted marketing allowed us to connect customers with Jammu Flavors.

Taking Off

Expertise in Different Industries and Trust that We Built With our Clients

Our expertise range across various industries and we have helped many small businesses create their unique brand identity with strong digital marketing strategy 

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Use our Free Strategy session to discuss how you can maximise the effectiveness of your current Digital Strategy and where Woomedia can help you reach your intended goal!

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