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Essential Components for a Small Business Website

With a team of professional developers and designers, we are one of the best web design agencies in Sydney. We use multiple sources and styles to create something that fits your business demands and requirement. This helps us in getting you higher traffic on the website. Upgrading it with some interactive features, our team works to ensure that your customers always feel connected to you!

1. Well Organised Navigation Bar / Detailed Sitemap

While this may sound obvious to you, many businesses don’t have a well organised navigation bar. Most customers prefer websites that are easy to navigate.

2. Personalised and Business Specific Website Design

Your Small Business website should be designed based on your target audience or the customers that visit your website. Well thought and focused user experience are more effective in customer acquisition than over-the-top visuals that can often slow down your website. With a combination of modern and Business appropriate design, the goal is to convert visitors into long term customers. 

3. High quality content

The value of High Quality Content on a website often pays for itself. It improves on existing factors of the website and increases engagement with new visitors on the website. Therefore, it is important to spend time on ensuring your content is well written and engaging. 

4. Tracking page visits and conversions / Analytics

On top of being informative, your goal is to also understand how to convert visitors into customers. Being able to analyse your customer behaviour will help you convert visitors into leads and generate sales. Being informed and having access to such data allows further optimisation of your website and content that convert to more leads.

Questions you can asnwer with such data: 

5. Social proof

Social proof consists of elements such as customer testimonials. reviews, client videos, awards, and accreditations. This is an essential part of any small business as customers consider social to be as important as personal recommendations. So it is critical that all these elements are highlighted and are visible across your website. 

6. Appropriate and relevant SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about improving the search engine result page ranking of the website. This is one of the biggest advantages of optimising the website SEO. With little tweaks here and adjustments there, your website will become user-friendly and increase lead generation.

7. Website optimised for smartphones and other smaller devices

50% of all internet traffic is generate on smart phones and mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that your website is optimised for smart phones and visitors are able to navigate the website the same way they would on a desktop. 

8. Excellent Call to Action placements

Call-to-action placements are powerful tools to attract customers and create ways for your visitors to interact with your small business website. These placements are a great way to generate leads as they encourage customers to take action that increase the chances of converting visitors to customers. Every important page of your website should contain these placements that ask visitor to take action – call, contact us, enquire, buy, sign up and other placements that connect you with your customer.

9. Accessible Contact details - social media presence

Many businesses make the mistake of not displaying their contact details in a clear and visible manner which causes them to loose on many possible conversions. Your basic contact details should consist of Name of your Business, Contact Number, Address,  Email address and Social media links. Your contact information and social media links allows your customers to reach out to you and helps your visitors yo identify you as a legitimate business. 

Woo Media Achieves Proficiency

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We take pride in delivering our clients small business websites that is custom made for them and optimised to reach their target audience.

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FAQ's on Small Business Website

Websites can be beneficial to organisations of practically any size or type. They allow clients to find and contact you, they convey professionalism and credibility, and they provide you with another channel to market – and potentially sell – your products or services.

Setting up a small business website necessitates a strategy that will see the project through from start to finish. Choosing the purpose of the website, the goals you want to achieve, whether or not to hire a web design business, and which content management system to utilise are all part of this process.

Over 59% of Australian small businesses do not have a website. This leaves a lot of opportunity for small businesses to create a website to sell their product and services, reach more potential customers, provide a channel to market, and potentially sell their products and services

It is important to have a digital presence in today’s day and time. We believe you deserve to have an online presence from just $750 with a single page website basic package. 

There are so many reasons why we are a better Web Design Company Sydney than all others. But to make this quick, here are a few benefits of getting our inclusive website design service: 

  • Flexible Website Design & Development Approach
  • Cutting-edge Websites with best Solutions
  • Offers and Professional Support at Competitive Prices
  • Team of Web Designing and Development Experts
  • Comprehensive Support throughout the Process
  • Adept UX/UI Experts and Businesses Analysts
  • Friendly and Welcoming Working Environment
  • Transparency and thorough Communication with Clients
  • Long History of working on Multiple Website Design projects
  • Long History of working on Multiple Website Design projects
  • Timely Creation and Delivery of the Website
  • Diligent Quality Assurance Checks before Launching the Website
  • Immersive Technological Experience for your Customers


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